The Tools

Mapping Values draws on the insights of participants who have migrated to, lived, or worked in our pilot urban area. We want to work with participants using three tools and at a final policy event. The tools are: Spraycan GIS Mapping, Oral History Interviews, and Walking Workshops.

Below you can arrange to participate in one or more of these areas of the project.

The Mapping Values “Spraycan” App

The button below will take you to an application called the ‘Map-Me PGIS Platform’, originally created by J.J. Huck. This section of the project is led by Drs Isabel Williams, Jeremy Crampton, and Duncan Hay. We have created a short set of survey questions, focused on Kilburn in Camden, London UK, to explore the values people put on particular places. People using this app helps us to learn how safe, resilient, inclusive, or healthy, they feel a space, area, or place might be, and why. It is a good idea to use use a laptop or desktop computer, but the app will also work on your touchscreen or phone.

Oral History Interviews

Oral History interviews are our second ‘tool’ for capturing people’s values about place and space, and particularly how those values might change over time. This part of the project is led by Drs Peter Mitchell and David Hitchcock and due to the personal and sensitive nature of such conversations, and because of the larger ethics of oral history interviewing and recording, we ask that if you would like to participate in this stage of the process you contact us directly, ideally over email. We would love to talk with you about your experiences of living, working, and generally being in Kilburn.

Walking Workshops

This third tool builds on the work done by the previous two, in order to further refine people’s sense of their places via ‘participatory research’ or citizen science, in this case namely by participating in a guided walk and set of activities in and through the area of Kilburn. These events will take place on a weekend (4th and 5th April) and are designed and led by Drs Mirian Calvo and Elmé Vivier.

Read more about the workshops here.

Discovering Kilburn Workshop 1 – 4th April

Discovering Kilburn Workshop 2 – 5th April

Co-Creating Policy Event

The final phase of the project brings everything together in a workshop scheduled for 5 July 2022 in Kilburn, and focuses on the translation of what we learned about Kilburn in the first three sections into actionable policy for the residents, councils, and stakeholders in the area. This section of the project is led by Drs Carina O’Reilly and Elmé Vivier. We will get hands on with the tools and serve you some lunch too.

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